Donate to the Invictus Games Foundation - Now Closed -THANK YOU!

As most of you are aware, I'm a veteran and I try to support other veterans. The one group that really needs our support is our wounded warriors. I personally like the Invictus Games, because wounded veterans from many countries can participate.

Invictus Games website

Countries competing in the 2022 games. This list keeps growing.

Meet your countries teams! Great Youtube videos.

This months highlighted team : Team Canada

I took the "tip" function of shopify and converted it to be a "donation" function. If you happen to see verbiage saying "tip", that means I still have to change that wording.

I will match every penny that you donate and submit that amount every November 11th , Remembrance Day in Canada and many other countries. If every order generated just a $1 donation, we could donate $1,000's of dollars this year!

I will also post the donation receipt so you can know that your kindness actually did something.

Donations/Mth/Yr  Donated Amount VSS  Match Total
May 2021 $98.16 $98.16 $196.32
Jun 2021 $369.27 $369.27 $738.54
Jul 2021 $224.42 $224.42 $448.84
Aug 2021 $195.62 $195.62 $391.24
Sep 2021 $319.29 $319.29 $638.58
Oct 2021 $255.14 $255.14 $510.28
2021 Donation Amount



Thanks for your kindness and generosity!


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