FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OF $48 CAD/$37 USD OR MORE TO CANADA AND THE CONTINENTAL USA. (2) Reduced air rates to ANZ, most of Europe and the UK
FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OF $48 CAD/$37 USD OR MORE TO CANADA AND THE CONTINENTAL USA. (2) Reduced air rates to ANZ, most of Europe and the UK
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Enter To Win the "Sleeve my collection!" giveaway! Updated 21/10/20

Eric from Vinyl Rewind will be live streaming the draw in January 2021!

Check out his Youtube channel.

I'm just working out the details, but this will be a huge "giveaway"!

Keep checking this blog for further details!

1. No purchase necessary, just subscribe to my news letter. Enter your email address at the bottom of the home page. If you have already done this before you are automatically entered.

2. The draw will happen in January 2021. What a way to start a new year!
  • a. Three names will be drawn. I will confirm that the first name doesn't have duplicate emails addresses or accounts.
  • b. I will contact the first winner and they will have 48 hours to accept the prize and make any shipping arrangements.
  • c. If I don't hear from the first winner, the same process will continue for the subsequent two names that were drawn.
  • d. The other two names drawn will be given a 25% discount coupon.

3. The prize has no cash value.You can select any mix of sleeves, 500 in total and it will be shipped to your house.

4. Free shipping only to residents of Canada and the continental USA. If you are from anywhere else in the world that I ship to, you can enter, but you agree to pay all shipping, taxes and customs duties. List of countries that I don't ship to.

5. Contestants will be any email address that has been entered and has subscribed to my news letter. Remember, you must have SUBSCRIBED to my news letter!

6. Any duplicate accounts or email address to the same address will be disqualified. So PLEASE email me if you feel that you might have more then one account, email address or think you haven't subscribed.

7. Email entrance closes Dec. 25.

8. It would be greatly appreciate if the winner could write a little review and send some pictures of how they used the sleeves for their collection.


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    • Lawrence Birdsall on


    • Chris Lasley on

      Please enter me in your ‘’Sleeve my collection, Mike’’ contest. I subscribed to your awesome newsletter!

    • Jim Park on

      Please enter me in the "Sleeve my Collection " contest. Got your name at Melinda Murphys utube podcast.

    • Jared Hayes on

      Love the products I saw on Channel33. I really hope I can afford to order some very soon!!!!

    • Gary on

      Your dual pocket products work brilliantly for my coloured vinyl collection. Highly recommended.

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