Enter to win 1 of 2 "Add to my collection" giveaways 2022. A $500 USD shopping spree x 2!

Yes, that's right...you get to buy up to $500 USD in new records and I'll pay for it! Conversion rate at the time of the draw will apply for the country you live in.

THERE WILL BE TWO DRAWS! One in June 2022 and the other in Dec 2022!

I'm just working out the details, but this will be a huge "giveaway"!

Keep checking this blog for further details!

1. No purchase necessary, just subscribe to my news letter. Enter your email address at the bottom of the home page. If you have already done this before you are automatically entered.

2. The draw will happen in June 2022 and the other in Dec 2022.

  • a. Three names will be drawn. I will confirm that the first name doesn't have duplicate emails addresses or accounts.
  • b. I will contact the first winner and they will have 48 hours to accept the prize.
  • c. If I don't hear from the first winner, the same process will continue for the subsequent two names that were drawn.
  • d. The other two names drawn will receive a $100 USD VSS gift card.

3. The prize has no cash value.

Rules and Details:

A.You must buy your records from a independent record store with a single location and send me the receipt, dated after the draw, plus pictures of the albums you bought.

B. You can not buy your records from a large corporation, online only operation,companies with multiple locations, eg Walmart, Amazon, Sunrise, Amoeba, Discogs and the like.

C. You should try to buy as close to local as possible. I understand if you live in a rural area that this might be hard to do, so I will allow online purchases from your closest metropolitan area independent store.

D. The purchase receipt must be generated from a registered business. It can't not be hand written or a non registered seller like facebook or ebay sellers.

E. The prize value is only for records, not taxes or shipping cost. So $500 for records only, you pay the taxes and shipping costs.


List of countries that I don't ship to.

5. Contestants will be any email address that has been entered and has subscribed to my news letter. Remember, you must have SUBSCRIBED to my news letter!

6. Any duplicate accounts or email address to the same address will be disqualified. So PLEASE email me if you feel that you might have more then one account, email address or think you haven't subscribed.

7. Email entrance closes Nov 30.

8. It would be greatly appreciate if the winner could write a little review and send some pictures of how they used the system to clean their collection.

Subscribe at the bottom of the homepage.

Good luck to everyone!


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