Prototype of new gatefold outer sleeve

I'm getting close to going into production on the new gatefold outer sleeve with tuckable flaps for traditional storage. Meaning you would still store the record inside of the album jacket.

This would be a single sleeve (no tape!) with a relief in the center of the inside to allow for proper closure of the gatefold. manufactured in Canada with high clarity 4 mil cast polypropylene made in the USA. The flaps are 2" approx to seal away your records and protect the edges of the album from hits and nicks.

Here some pics to peak your interest. Please excuse the quality of the photos.

Outer sleeve on the gatefold

 Superb clarity

 Lays flat when opened.

 Tuckable flap at each end.

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Stuart McFarlane

Can’t wait for these. With so many LPs being released (or rereleased) as gatefolds – this is the ultimate solution.

Stuart McFarlane

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