Shipping Charges 01/08/22

Shipping cost are drastically increasing for all locations. Fuel surcharge to most of Canada (including Carbon Tax) has now almost double the shipping rate to low population areas, even just outside of major cities. I have no choice but to pass on this cost and increase the base for free shipping to qualified locations. Starting Aug 1, you will need to buy $70 CAD ($50 USD) in product to get free shipping.

Starting Dec 25/2021, there now is 2 tiers for shipping to the USA/Canada for orders don't meet the "Free" threshold.

Please remember that "Free" shipping is to MOST of urban Canada and the continental USA, not everywhere in North America.

Australia/New Zealand/Japan rates have also increased drastically, though the air rate still cost less than shipping by boat.

Certain items don't qualify for free shipping, due to either weight or size. Please read the item description carefully.

Applies to:

1. All divider card sets

2. Simply Analog work mat

3. Acrylic record stands

Additionally, shipping to the Yukon, Newfoundland, PEI, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories is calculated at a REDUCED Canada  Post based rates, meaning I subsidized that rate. But, if you live in remote areas or are using a PO Box and there isn't have rational Canada Post rates, you could be invoiced up to an additional $15 CAD for shipping. You always have the option to cancel your order. Additionally, $175 or more of product now gets your free shipping to those locations.

Shipping rates have gone up considerably to those areas. Please consider buying larger amounts to lower the cost per unit.

These prices do NOT apply to wholesale purchases.



Thomas Mansbridge

Love to have a Canadian alternative!

Thomas Mansbridge
Jessel Baltazar

Bought 50 of the 12" inner and outer and 50 of the 7" inner and outer and they were all gone in 1 day! Saving up again for the next purchase…thanks, Mike!

Jessel Baltazar
Michael Ethridge

Love your products.

Michael Ethridge
David Bogart

love your products . well packaged for delivery and arrive in a timely fashion.

David Bogart

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