More new upcoming products for 2021 - Updated 25/07/21

Knowing that each audiophile/record collector has different preferences to store and handle their valuable record collection, regardless of the size of the collection, I am launching a significant number of new products to meet their desires.

Over the year I have received hundreds of emails, about wants and desires, congratulations or notes of how my products have enhanced their record collections. I have taken some of those comments and have designed products to fill those needs.

1. 3 mil rice paper inner sleeve for LP's. Tons of request for the perfect near crumple proof inner sleeve. Optimized size for basic weight up to 180 and 200 gr records. Arriving approx. mid June. Now accepting pre-orders. First release SOLD OUT in mere weeks. Second release now SOLD OUT, a third release available for pre-order.

2. 4 mil multi-functional sleeve. Same as as the 2 mil version. In stock.

3. Box set sleeves. This design will be very interesting, as it will have a flat bottom, so no pointy corners sticking out! The standard size will be approx. 12-3/4" x 12-3/4", I'm working with widths of 3/4", 7/8", 1-1/4", 2", 3" and 3-1/4", but nothing is firm yet. You will be able to order these as singles.

4. A gate-fold sleeve that accepts a standard gate-fold record and opens like a book, but it's made without tape! This would be a tuck-able closure version. For this version, you would still store the record(s) inside of the album jacket. It isn't a dual pocket sleeve.

5. A special biodegradable desiccant for inside your inner sleeve. Lots to say about this, but for people that in live in humid areas and worry about mold, get ready to have your mind blown. A VSS market first!

6. And finally, probably the biggest, two most important things to happen to'll have to wait a few more months!

I also want to thank everyone for their great support and ideas. Please keep them coming. As a small business it's tough competing against the big corporations with their offshore products, but your ideas help.



Michael DiTomaso

Hi Mike, will you be getting any more 3 mil rice paper inner sleeves in the furure? I don’t see an option to even pre-order on your site. Hoping you get more, Mike D

Michael DiTomaso
Stuart McFarlane

Thank you for the updates. Very much looking forward to #4. Will it be dual pocket with the “inner” pockets for storing the LPs outside the gatefold jacket?

Stuart McFarlane
Dean Maloney

Hi Mike, I’m especially very interested in your new products #3 and #4. As soon as you post that you have these ready, I will be placing my pre-order! Would the #3 solution fit standard boxsets that are just under an inch wide. This is what I have the most of. I’m also very anxious to acquire the non-tape version of your #4 gatefold sleeve. Any ETA for either? Otherwise, I’ve created an account and will watch for updates. Dean

Dean Maloney

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