Please Support Other Veteran Owned Businesses

I wanted to create a post to highlight other veteran owned business to my customer base. These folks have worked hard, not only to serve you, but to create an "artisan" product that is exceptional. I have products from these folks and I highly recommend that you also look at what they offer!

If you happen to be a veteran or retired first responder and want to be to add to this list, please send me an email.

PS I'm not being paid, overtly influenced or forced to promote them ;)

1441 Engraving

Chris has created some amazing products in a number of different areas. I was thoroughly impressed personalized engraved record weight he sent me. Today it proudly goes around and around on my turntable.

Woodworking Done By Don

I haven't had a chance yet to order a wonderful craved record holder from Don, but it's on my to-do list.

 Veteran's Kit Shop

I have a set of beautiful head rest covers that were bought from Byron.

Bull and Heifer Custom Designs

Matt's a pretty amazing guy, that does a lot of charity work for other vets.

GVS Records

Mark is a great guy. Newly retired from the Canadian military and he also has a great Youtube channel.

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