Record Dividers - A to Z

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  • Record Dividers - A to Z

Record Dividers - A to Z

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  • Due to weight, there is a shipping surcharge per pack of 25 cards for shipping to Canada, the continental USA and the United Kingdom. If you don't get a shipping rate for certain locations, PLEASE ask for a shipping quote!

    Effectively immediately, I will no longer pay for shipping if you pick the wrong orientation. Please look at the pictures carefully and email if you have questions!

    Horizontal is used for front facing storage, like most record stores. You would be facing the front of the album. Vertical is used for storing records in a bookcase, where you can only read the spine of the album.

    German engineering, American made materials and Canadian manufacturing. Perfectly die-cut to precise dimensions.

    The trifecta of perfection!

    North American made color record dividers, designed to last a lifetime. The colour is impregnated to never fade. This material is typically used for outdoor signs to withstand harsh cold/heat and vibration.

    Available in stunning Snow White or vibrant Yellow. All have black 3/4" lettering.

    25 pack, single cards for A to X, Y/Z on the same card.

    20 different headings (white only); Alternative, Blues, Christian, Classical, Country, Dance, Electronic, Funk, Jazz, Latin, Metal, Motown, Misc, OST, Oldies, Pop, R&B/Soul, Rap, Reggae, Rock. Available here.

    Blank cards. Get creative and buy a pack of high end markers and label your own cards! I use "Sharpie Extreme, fade resistant" markers. Available here.

    Made with super strong PE2 Print HDPE, not polystyrene. See spec sheet below.


    Only 0.035" thick, but stronger than 0.050" polystyrene!

    Weather and moisture resistant for long-life in outdoor applications; Won't change color!

    Highly fatigue-resistant, allowing for the creation of durable “living hinges”;

    Better impact properties than polystyrene;

    Fully recyclable PE #2

    Size, approx. 12" x 13.25" with a 6" tab

    Spec sheet below, rated to to last over 600,000 flexs, Polystyrene could only hope to live that long!


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