Developing this product has been a long 2 year journey! I wanted to make a product specifically for box sets, that would:

- show off the artwork with high clarity, super strong film. Most products out there are flat sleeves made from cheap polyethylene and are grayish, not really clear.

- be form fitted to the actual box. I really dislike the flat bag that has pointy corners sticking out or you have to tape them down. I also dislike the sizes, normally with very "baggy" look, due to the size being to big.

Made from high clarity archival (food grade) 3 mil cast polypropylene film, like my other outer sleeves.The sleeve folds flat for shipping, square corners, super thick seam.

One Step


I need some help with sizes. as I don't have enough larger box sets of my own.

Please email me at with your sizes, preferably in millimeters. length is from side to side on the front of the box set and height is from top to bottom, as the box set faces you standing up, like in the picture above of the UHQR.

length mm height mm width mm width inches
46 1.75
325 325 52 2
58 2.25
64 2.5
330 330 70 2.75
76 3
82 3.25
90 3.5
96 3.75
102 4
108 4.25
114 4.5
380 380 120 4.75
380 380 128 5