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You love your records. Why not show it? For the casual collector to the avid audiophile, we have all the sleeves you need to keep your vinyl collection pristine for years to come

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Why choose VSS?

Compared to standard polyethylene sleeves, our cast polypropylene sleeves offer a tighter fit, greater clarity and reduced glare, and that's just the beginning.

We have a wide range of products, including our innovative dual pocket sleeves, which have one pocket to seal the jacket in and a separate pocket to store the record for easy access.

Made from highest quality materials available

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Get Ready To Revolutionize Your Vinyl Collection with Our Patented Dual Pocket Outer Sleeves

These unique Dual Pocket Outer Sleeves feature two outer pockets; one which allows you to safely keep your record jacket fully sealed and the second fits your vinyl record perfectly, keeping this fully accessible when you're ready to spin your favourite tunes!

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