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Which size sleeve should I use for (insert album here)?

The best way to ensure a good fit is to measure the album’s spine and compare it to the specs listed on the product page. For LPs, our 12” sleeves are designed to fit standard jackets up to .125” (3mm) thick, 12.75” sleeves will fit up to .25” (6mm) and the oversized 13” will fit larger jackets up to .5” (12mm).

What is the purpose of dual pocket sleeves?

For years, the standard protective sleeve for vinyl has been a single pocket which houses the jacket and record together. Our patented dual pocket design has separate pockets for the jacket and record, meaning you can take the record out and play it without needing to handle the jacket.

Should I get sleeves with flaps or without? Tuckable or sealable?

It’s really a matter of personal preference, both styles of flap offer the same protection. If you like to take the jacket out and physically handle it, tuckable is your best option; however, if you plan on leaving the jacket in the sleeve, we recommend the sealable flap.

I ordered the wrong sleeves. Can I return them?

We can accept returns of full un-opened packs of sleeves in their original condition, click here for details. Unfortunately, we can’t accept returns of opened packs or individual sleeves.

Why did the price change when I got to checkout?

The most common cause of this is currency exchange. Customers in the United States can shop in USD, however since we are located in Canada the price is converted to CAD for the final checkout step.