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Well "us" is actually just one guy, me! I'm Mike and I do it all. I design, subcontract the manufacturing of the sleeves, and I now have my products shipped from a fulfillment center.I spent almost 15 years in the Canadian army as a combat engineer (CHIMO!) and about 25 years in sales and manufacturing. My manufacturing experience covers a vast array of products and processes.

I hope you enjoy the products as much as I enjoy developing them and interfacing with you. I have received 100's of emails and phone calls over the last 2 years and your comments and stories are wonderful.

My whole intent wasn't just to be another reseller of offshore products, but to make (In Canada/USA) innovative products that we the vinyl community want, instead of just settling for the standard products..

Thanks for your support and encouragement.




Received a package today from VSS. In a very short time, I have become very fond of this company. Can’t believe it took me so long to learn about them. I love this company. I look forward to many more purchases. Thanks again.

Martin Pidcock

I can highly recommend Mikes products Slowly working through my collection here in the UK Using the 4mm dual pocket sleeves and getting my 13” version today. Many more to come Thanks

Martin Pidcock

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