Pricing Model and Fulfillment Service 28/06/21

I will be moving to a fulfillment service starting April 1. It should take until approx. the middle of the month to get everything working properly. Please be patient.

Here's a recent snapshot of how the fulfillment center is doing.

This is a great opportunity to better service your needs. For items that are in stock, they will typically ship within 2 to 4 working days after receiving your order, as there is more staff to fill orders. Your shipping confirmation will be sent in advance of the actual order leaving.

Shipping process:

1. Order received;

2. If in stock, shipping label generated the next business day (day 1);

3. Item packed the next business day (day 2);

4. Item picked up by courier the next business day, typically (day 3/4).

Please note that a holiday/weekend/weather will extend the process.

New Pricing Model:

The onslaught of rising raw material price increases continues. Since last summer, raw material prices have gone up over 50%, I have done my best to minimize price increases to you. The only way to hold back another massive price increase is to reduce the labour content to make the product. In this case it's the cost to sort out questionable product. I now have priced the product to included the possibility of up to 2 bad sleeves per pack. You will see a sale price for items this is now in-effect for. If you look at the 4 mil dual pocket listing below, the current price increases would have taken the product up and additional $1.50 per pack. By remove the labour cost for sorting, the price will always be $1.50 lower go forward.

Examples of bad sleeves:

1. spots from release agent;

2. folded over sleeves;

3. breaks or cuts from equipment;

4. uneven cutting;

5. lifting tape;

6. missing sleeves.

Any more bad product past 2 sleeves; the return/refund policy kicks in. I will also be launching a new return/refund/replacement policy shortly.

Recognizing that a fulfillment service won't be familiar with my products, I fully expect there to be some additional quality, order mix ups and many other unknown issues.

I would ask everyone to remember that I always strive to fix problems and that I am available via email to help, and that it's only a sleeve.

Thanks for the great support and for making this venture successful!


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Love the sleeves (inner and outer) Great youtube videos! You guys are onto something big!

Floyd Lee

Great News looking forward to what you might come up with. I got your back as always friend. Stay safe and healthy…

Daniel Martinez

Congrats on your expansion, Mike! You are the best at what you do!

PS: Still keeping my fingers crossed that you will restock on the crystal clear inner sleeves! Those are holy grail in the vinyl community.


I’ve seen a few videos in your product, I’m super excited to get my order and when you get the other stuff in stock I’ll place an order for it.
Awesome your business Is taking off.


That’s great news Mike, I hope it takes a little off your plate. Looking forward to see what new products you have in store for us.


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