Joel K, winner of the 2020 "Sleeve my Collection" give-away, personal review

After spending literal years looking for record sleeves that were both protective and made my records look good, I stumbled upon Vinyl Storage Solutions (VSS).  Every one of my interactions with this company has been positive; from their products, to their customer service.  Initially, I ordered only a single pack of 25 single pocket, 12”, outer sleeves (SP4_12CPP).  I was so impressed with the sleeves when they arrived that I immediately placed a much larger order.  These sleeves are as clear as newly installed windows.  This clarity somehow rejuvenates even the most scuffed-up record cover, making me appreciate cover-art more than I ever have before.  This feat of beautification is especially impressive since the plastic is NOT flimsy at all.  The sleeves are so durable that nothing that I can reasonably think of would damage a record stored in them.  

More recently, I have tried out almost all the products available from VSS, and several are so useful that they deserve specific mention.  The first of these products is their “rice paper” inner sleeves (IS2_12HDPE and IS2_10HDPE); they are simply the best product of their kind on the market, period.  This product has so many useful features that I never realized I needed.  They are just stiff enough that I never have to struggle with them flopping over when I try to place a record back into one.  Furthermore, the arrows printed on the insert-side are incredibly useful; gone are the days of flipping around my inner sleeves until I find the correct entrance.  These features may seem insignificant, but once you have them on an inner sleeve, you can never go back.  The second product that I need to rave about is the single pocket, 13”, outer sleeves (SP4_13CPP).  For a long time, I’ve struggled with fitting thicker gate-folds into outer sleeves, not to mention the new trend of packaging special-edition records in overly thick record covers.  Well, the extra inch on these 13” sleeves is perfect for every thick record cover I own.   Finally, the resealable dual-pocket outer sleeves (DP2R12CPP) are just so cool.  They’re the only product that I know of that allows me to keep my gate-folds protected at all times, even when opening them up.


Now, my only problem is that I need to figure out what to do with all of the record sleeves I bought before finding VSS. 

Thank you VSS.



Joel K

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Thanks for a great review Joel. It was my pleasure to send you your prize. Considering how many thousands of contestants that where entered, I wish I had planned for more prizes.

This years giveaway “Clean my Collection” is just as exciting, with the chance to win either a Okki Nokki One or a iSonic ultrasonic vinyl record cleaner.

Best of luck to all and remember to subscribe to the newsletter to be entered!



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